Beauty Potraits

These shoots are all about YOU!

There are a million reasons to do a beauty shoot, but the one that is most significant for me us that through a shoot like this, a woman can see her beauty, both inside and out.

These are my most favourite shoots because I can be a part of the intimate moments where a woman feels vulnerable and uncertain, and show her just how wonderfully made she is.

I aim to capture the true essence of each woman through my pictures. Each woman is so beautifully unique and perfectly created. Often we forget this. I want to remind you.


 We can do a shoot like this just about anywhere. In your home, at the beach, a beautiful guest house, in a field, or any location that means something to you.

I highly recommend having a professional hair and make-up artist for this shoot. The camera tends to dilute skin whereas having make-up done by a professional will  guarantee you a perfect complexion and your best features beautifully enhanced. A woman loves to feel beautiful, and spending the little extra time and money on this will make you more comfortable and so much happier with your images.

Clothing selection is the fun part! Together with my help we can create and style a beautiful shoot that is true to who you are and what you want to achieve from the shoot. This is your time, you can be whoever you want to be.

Price : R4000 (including hair and make-up)    /     R3500 (excluding hair and make-up)